Fishing for Some Needed Exercise

My wife has been on my back for months about me getting some serious exercise.  She is one of those people who isn’t happy unless she has spent at least 60 minutes per day working out in the gym, jogging down the street, and swimming laps in the swimming pool.  Indeed, she even took up ice skating so she could exercise outdoors in the winter.


By contrast, I tend to be a bit more laid back.  My favorite activities consist of reading a good book, working and researching things on my computer, and listening to my favorite musicians on the radio.  Exercise is something that has never been very high on my list of favorite things to do.  So when my wife finally decided she needed to force me out of the house, she went and got some trout fishing gear and clothes from Orvis.  It was a dirty trick because she knew I enjoyed fishing.  And she also knew it would force me to take off into the hills, where I’d have to climb up and down paths to different lakes and streams to find the best fishing spots.


I’d stopped fly fishing when we’d moved into the city.  Occasionally I’d take a rod and reel from the basement and go toss a line in a nearby pond, but it wasn’t the same as serious fly casting.  So when she gave me the waders and fishing equipment she got with a Groupon coupon I was ecstatic, the next day I found the best fly casting places nearby in the mountains west of town.  Then we packed some supplies, hopped into the car and took off.  She was already prepared, having a travel bag packed with everything including her exercise gear.  While I was wading in the stream fishing she’d be jogging along the trail, exercising or preparing a meal.  She’d take one of my catches and clean it to roast over the fire.  We had regular trips like this, at least once each week to different places.  On my next checkup my doctor complimented me on how good my exercise program was going.  When I heard my wife chuckle I realized the whole thing – except the Groupon deal from Orvis – was a scheme she’d worked up from the start!

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